Random Shoots

Sit Back & Relax

Sit back & Relax

Sit back & Relax

Shwedagon in Reflection

Another photo of Shwedagon reflection

Another photo of Shwedagon reflection



The toys Myanmar Children used to play in the earlier days made of clay.
These are packed with newspaper sheets.
The children play with leaves, seeds, sands, and flowers.

All are recyclable.

Lotus under the sun

Donation decors with notes

The Pagoda at Naypyitaw

The famous tree

KL from the sky

‘berries for all

Nuns on a Sabbath day at Shwedagon

Curious but Innocent

A view to Singapore CBD


Singapore River and Fullerton Hotel

Inya Lake

Sunset photo of Inya Lake, Yangon

The moment

The moment in life!

Twin in the mirror

Power shoot of a lady

The woman from Innwa